Career Coaching

Q: What is Career Coaching?

A: Career Coaching is a process designed to give you the space and time to explore issues around your work and career.

Q: What does the process consist of?

A: The process differs depending on what your needs are, either the goals you state at the beginning or the ones that emerge through the sessions, but typically:-

You would be expected to write a brief one or two page biography (not a CV) covering a bit about your history both inside and outside of work. You would email this to me prior to the first session.

In our initial session we would explore what outcome you want (getting a new job, exit strategy, retraining etc) as well as a bit on your biography. This gives us both a chance to decide if we want to work together.

We would agree the number and length of sessions and broadly what they will cover. A typical amount may be six one-hour sessions spaced by a week.

We may agree tasks for you to complete between sessions. This is to keep momentum going and to make the time in the sessions as efficiently spent as possible.

Although there is a broad outline, the agenda for any particular session is yours – it is not unusual for people to want to focus on particular issues

as they crop up eg getting or being turned down

for interviews, and what that means for the bigger career goal. Between us we would tie up as many issues as possible before the end of the last session so you feel able to move forward by yourself.

Q: Do you do single sessions?

A: Yes, as long as the brief is very specific, such as reviewing a CV or preparation for an interview. These are priced at £100 per hour and tend to be longer, either 90 minutes or two hours.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: I charge on a sliding scale between £70 - £150 per hour, based on your income and whether your organisation is supporting your career coaching. As a rule of thumb the equation is twice your annual salary in pounds - if you are earning £40K I would charge £80 per hour for example. Depending on where we meet there may be an additional room charge of no more than £20 per hour.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based near London Bridge, SE1, and can see clients there or in the city. Other locations are by negotiation. I also coach by telephone or Skype if meeting face to face proves problematic.

Q: Do you work with or within organisations?

A: Yes. Apart from general career coaching I support employees through career transition, such as when they are returning to work after

maternity leave or illness, or are in the first few months of a new role. There are some confidentiality boundaries that need putting in place if the person undergoing the sessions is not the one paying, so they can feel able to speak openly. Call or email to discuss.

Q: How does Career Coaching differ from Career Counselling, Career Consultancy, or good old fashioned Career Guidance?

A: There are many areas of overlap, so it is difficult to give a very clear definition, but if pushed I would say that:-

Career Counselling focuses on what you think and feel about your career, and links to your needs and wants outside of work.

Career Consultancy is often used as an umbrella term, especially as some people feel uncomfortable with the word “counselling” in any context.

Career Guidance tends to focus on information about different careers, possibly using questionnaires to find out your areas of interest.

Career Coaching tends to be more action oriented. I term what I do "Career Coaching", but I may focus more on your thoughts and feelings around work than a coach normally would, particularly at the start of the process. Perhaps more than the label somebody gives to what they do, it is important that you feel as if you can work with someone usefully for the duration of the sessions.