Interview preparation

Interviews are strange things. Individuals who are confident and successful in the rest of their lives, can stand up in front of hundreds of people to give a presentation and can speak to anyone from the checkout operator to the CEO, can suddenly become a babbling idiot in an interview.

What is it that makes it so difficult? Well, an interview is not something that happens every day for most of us, indeed some people have had a 30 year career and never gone through a “formal” interview. Secondly, there is a lot personally riding on it, and it may even tap into some deep held feelings about being “good enough” or being rejected.

All this can make interviewing a stressful experience, so some preparation always helps.

Our interview preparation session focuses on two aspects. Firstly we will work on getting you into the best possibly headspace to go into the interview. For most people the heart will be pumping a bit faster and the adrenaline will be flowing, and this cannot be denied or avoided. Instead we focus on the process of getting you to interview and riding the wave of adrenaline so that you perform well.

Secondly the session will focus on preparing and rehearsing answers to the most common interview questions, from the opening “tell me about yourself” questions to the most complex competency based ones. We’ll explore STAR as a way of answering these (read my Guardian blog post on the STAR technique here). Then you will get to rehearse your answers, either just face to face, or into a voice recorder, or if you are feeling brave, on video. We’ll review the answers, recording or footage together and look at ways that they can be improved.

Interview preparation sessions are priced at £150 for 90 minutes or £200 for two hours.

Email us or ring to discuss your needs. Sessions can be face to face or over Skype or phone.